The Last Line

Over the years, we've found that ending a story is almost as hard as starting one. All too often we receive wonderful tales that have one more sentence or paragraph than needed and we've kicked around the idea of doing an issue of The First Line where we flip the script and give you the last line.

But why just one issue? Why not a whole new journal? Well, your wish is our command. If you would like to play along, here's the 2023 last line:

Samir was never one to back down from a challenge.
Due date: October 1, 2023

Email your stories to: submission (@) thelastlinejournal (dot) com or mail them to PO Box 250382, Plano, TX, 75025-0382.

The issue will be published in December, and all print and pdf subscribers of The First Line will receive a free copy.


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